10 Best Mexican Restaurants with Casual Eats in San Diego

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If you can’t get to Mexico, finding a Mexican restaurant in San Diego is the next best thing. We’re a border town, after all, so it’s not surprising that Mexican food is done well here—primarily in family-run taco shops. Mexico is a country with hundreds of regional cuisines so keep in mind that in San Diego you are most likely to find tacos, burritos and “3 rolled with guac”, which is what the locals call a standard taquito order.

Old Town San Diego is famous for Mexican food and for being the birthplace of California. While some might argue the food isn’t authentic enough, eating here is a must-do when visiting the historic area. Try Cafe Coyote for the handmade tortillas pounded and grilled daily on the patio.

Puesto brings a colorful, casual dining experience that’s unlike any other in county. Specializing in Mexican street food made with locally-sourced ingredients and sustainable seafood, this restaurant has been busy since its opening. There are two locations now: one in La Jolla and the other downtown at The Headquarters.

Lolita’s Restaurants are casual taco shops located across the county with favorite orders including tacos and carne asada chips. Because it’s probably the location visitors to San Diego will frequent most, we mention the East Village restaurant in downtown San Diego.

Pair whatever entree you choose with a fish bowl-sized margarita, if you wish.


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