Top 8 Places for Best Breakfast in San Diego

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Isabels Cantina


1. Isabel’s Cantina

966 Felspar St.
San Diego, CA 92109
Wake Up With: The Margherita Scramble 
Egg whites scrambled with basil and jack cheese. Served with brown rice and topped with marinated chicken, Parmesan, grilled mushrooms, tomatoes, scallions, avocado sauce and a pesto drizzle.

Isabel’s Cantina is located right on Felspar St., only a few blocks over from Garnet, in the heart of Pacific Beach. It’s large windows in the front of the building open up to create a free flowing space and let the light in each morning for breakfast. This creates a relaxing, cheerful vibe in the restaurant, which is a great way to start out each morning near the beach. Their menu houses some amazing scrambles, burritos, pancakes, Breakfast Tacos or French toast – all with a Mexican flair- and each one more delicious than the next. Isabel’s also offers a range of delicious coffee and tea drinks and if you can’t decide try my personal favorite, the soul bowl. This drink contains black vanilla tea, espresso, cinnamon, steamed soy milk, vanilla, honey and a whole lotta lot courtesy of their warm and friendly staff.

Native Knowledge: Whether you’re hungry enough or not, make sure you get an order of the Coconut French Toast to either share or selfishly indulge yourself with.


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