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Puesto At the HeadQuarters: Restaurant Review

Street tacos, margaritas, hip music, and ecletric decor; this seems like the recipe for an incredible restaurant and dining experience at Puesto at the Headquarters in downtown San Diego.

But does the hype of this trendy restaurant live up to a fantastic dining experience. We here at San Diego Lifestyle Magazine Dot Co. want to give our best and most honest review.

Dining Atmosphere: A+

Margaritas at Puesto

The environment at Puesto is exciting. It is a popular restaurant just on the outskirts of downtown San Diego which draws a lot of outside foot traffic and a consistent dining crowd. As you walk into the restaurant you are greeted with high vaulted ceilings, spectacular graffiti street art, an open area waiting lounge, and a busy bar serving craft cocktails.

The music adds to the ambiance as popular deep house DJ tracks play subtly in the background. The restaurant has a purposeful and tastefully designed “grunge” decor with metal plated chairs, wall decor, and the like.

The signature orange umbrellas for outdoor seating catch your eye against the darker interior colors.

Puesto is certainly a “happening” restaurant that is hip, fun, and a spot to be seen.

Food & Drinks: A

Mexican Food hot girl

Puesto is known for it’s particularly small menu for which they specialize primarily in gourmet street tacos. Mix and match “3” tacos to create the perfect taco meal and add a side of their homemade guacamole as an appetizer.

The street tacos themselves are delicious and are some of the best tacos we’ve ever had. Just don’t expect to order a burrito, enchilada, quesadilla, or anything else that a traditional Mexican food restaurant might have. It doesn’t exist here.

Order a cadillac margarita to compliment your tacos and you’ll find yourself feeling good, enjoying the atmosphere, and ready for a great conversation. Their Cadillac margaritas are fantastic and although we have yet to try any other type of cocktail; we imagine they are just as good.

Service and Pricing: C

Puesto Tacos

The only complaint to our dining experience at Puesto would be the service which ties into expectations for the pricing. Service overall was very slow, untimely, and un-organized. We received our tacos before ordering drinks, had initial trouble having our appetizer (ordered at the bar) delivered to our table once we were seated, and waited longer than expected for any additional salsa or napkins to be delivered upon request.

Puesto does have fairly reasonable pricing.¬†Drinks will run you $14-$20 or so and your average “3” taco plate starts around $14. A dinner for two after drinks, a $10 guacamole appetizer, and an order of two taco plates will run you somewhere between $70-$80 when all said and done before tip.

Overall: 8.1/10

Overall we would rate Puesto an “8.1” out of “10” for their incredible tacos, delicious margaritas, and lively atmosphere. We did visit on a Saturday night which mostly likely contributed to the lack of service. It’s certainly a restaurant to try out; just be sure to give yourself plenty of time for the entire dining experience as it may be quite awhile before you are served on a weekend.

Killer Tacos & Atmosphere -

8.1 Good Spot!

Try Puesto for delicious tacos, strong margaritas, and a trendy scene.

*Expect longer waits and slower service. Perfect excuse for sneaking in an extra drink before dinner.

  • 8.1
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