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How Aerial Photography Changes Real Estate Marketing

recommended drone photography for real estate

Drone has been developed from military devices into something else entirely. Lately, real estate companies taking advantage of drone for aerial photography. It allows their potential buyer to see the entire dimension of their real estates.

Based on information provided by Dallas Air Photos, the marketing of real estate is mostly using MLS. This online listing provides opportunity to real estate companies to upload 30 images about their properties. The images are mostly used to tell the potential buyer about how particular property looks like. The MLS system requires one featured image. This image is used as the main image of the property. Therefore, it is important that as the first impression of the real estate, the image used for it is able to draw the attention of potential buyer. In this case, the perspective view from drone is prioritized.

Aerial photography for real estateThere is a huge difference between aerial photography taken by drone and conventional photography at street level. Drone photography provides more dimension to the property. It is also able to give good picture about what is going on behind the real estate. Drone is able to capture perfect features of the real estate. Beautiful landscape, swimming pool, and many other can be captured in an exceptional point of view by drone.

Due to those advantages, it hardly comes as surprise that aerial photography is used for marketing purposes. Previously, aerial photography can only be captured by using helicopters. With the rapid advance of science, drone becomes a good alternative in an instant. Most importantly, drone is more affordable compared to commissioned helicopter pilot along with the photographer. Most people consider that aerial photography is the new era of real estate marketing strategy. Thanks to new photography technique, real estate companies can take benefits out of it. The competition between real estate companies is increasing since they want to get the same benefits as well.

How much do you need to spend to get aerial photography of real estate by drone?

The average price tag offered for the drone service for capturing aerial photography of particular real estate property is somewhere around $200. The service is including exterior photography with editing service. It is definitely a good deal since the cost is close to conventional photography, yet you can get more benefits out of it.

Based on information provided by the most recommended drone operator in San Diego such as My Drone Cameraman who already has good experience of taking aerial photography of real estate, the image is divided into two types. The first type is full size image as the main marketing material. Readjusting the size of aerial photography is crucial since the system will accommodate picture with specific size.


Based on our experience, My Drone Cameraman already established themselves as the #1 drone service in San Diego for years. The result was amazing. If you are currently planning on taking a real estate photography by drone, those guys is your choice.


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